Memorial Day – May 25-28, 2012

Chicago is charming. I told my friend that when I came back and he said he’d never heard ‘charming’ used for the city before, but it really is. Parks, rivers, architecture, art, shopping, beaches, and a wide variety of people – all the things that fine cities are made of. I had the good fortune to go there over Memorial Day, when it is hot, without the mugginess of high summer, nor the bitter cold of winter, and I was absolutely blown away. So many different types of buildings, fun bars, and great people. The servers and bartenders we had in each restaurant were immensely helpful and really wanted to make sure we had a good time, one even wrote out a whole list of different bars and why we would want to check them out for us to take on our way that evening. No one told me it was like a mini New York, and it was extremely walkable. It’s called the windy city, but honestly after living in San Francisco, the wind was really the least of my worries. They are doing great things with cocktails and local produce and I can’t wait to go back and stay in one of the outlying neighborhoods away from the city center to learn how the locals really live. Check out the posts above for some visual inspiration as to why you should check it out.

Accommodation: The Westin Michigan Avenue (great, easy location, but next time I’ll stay out of the city center)


Restaurants & Bars:

  • Green Zebra – amazing vegetarian restaurant, and neither of us are vegetarians
  • The Violet Hour, bar in Wicker Park – exclusive mixology bar
  • Rodan, bar in Wicker Park – good for simple drinks and a bit of dancing
  • The Bedford, bar in Wicker Park – very cool bar in an old bank vault
  • Green City Market – farmer’s market in Lincoln Park

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