When: March 2013

Where: El Rodadero (near Santa Marta), Cartagena

Santa Marta:
– We spent most of our time in El Rodadero, a beach town just 15 min from Santa Marta proper – we went to Santa Marta one evening to tour around, which was awesome to see the colonial buildings etc.

– El Rodadero is definitely worth checking out, huge beach, popular with Colombian Tourists.

– We went scuba diving out of Tagonga – a cute beach town, slightly overhyped in tour books. It’s a really small fishing village, not a great beach, but we had AMAZING food and fried fish at one of the beach side shack restaurants.

– We went to Simon Bolivar’s residence and place that he died, which is a gorgeous property. Worth a stop if you have time.

– Minca was worth going to, too. It’s a town that’s up in the mountains a bit – we hired a driver and spent a night in the mountains, much cooler and you can do more adventure activities (we took Mules to the top, Los Pinos, which was a really long trip)


– REALLY cute city. We actually did open top tourist bus tour the first day, which I normally think are cheesy, but it was worth it to see the different parts of town that we didn’t have time to visit.

– It’s the most touristy place we visited, which means you’ll have your choice of hotels and restaurants

– La Cevicheria was recommended by Lonely Planet and was really good (Calle Stuart No 7-14 San Diego)

– We stayed at the end of our trip, and were definitely craving non-Colombian food by that point, and loved a place called ‘Crepes y Waffles’

– On the road between Cartagena and Santa Marta there is an old volcano that is now a natural mud bath, it was one of the most bizzare and awesome experiences – definitely worth a stop.



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