Last Minute Gift: Smokey Spicy Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

It’s the weekend before Christmas, y’all – are you ready? I am totally prepared this year, actually. I did all my shopping online, and my coworkers think I’m a shopaholic as a result of all the boxes delivered to me over the past few weeks, but let me tell you, it was the most painless … Continue reading

Chewy Vanilla Caramels

Nothing says the holidays like homemade treats. Despite loving to cook and entertain, it’s a bit ironic that I don’t typically turn to these homemade goodies at the holiday season. This year I was invited to kick off the holiday season with a friend and have a cooking/candy making extravaganza day. I had been itching … Continue reading

Mother’s Day: Clotted Cream & Tea Box Gift

There’s no more traditional Mother’s Day celebration than a tea. I don’t know how or why this has become a loved tradition, but this year, I wanted to try some new things to make a special tea, fit for a King – love how my last name lends itself to jokes sometimes ;) It included … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Heart Rice Krispies Treats

I have to admit that I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day, but I do love a ‘holiday’ with an excuse to make festive treats. I have a whole set of heart cookie cutters from a few years back, but rather than make standard sugar cookies, I made pink heart Rice Kristpies Treats! They are so … Continue reading

DIY: Monogrammed Note Cards

A couple of months ago I ran out of thank you cards. I’d been using just the basic one’s from one of my graduation stationery sets. Since then, I decided I’d like to get some multipurpose monogrammed stationary – I thought about getting some ordered, but they seemed terribly expensive for something that is so … Continue reading