Gifting Bread

I was chatting with my dad last weekend and already being caught up on my news, he asked what was new with my friends. I went through one by one, telling the updates of my different girlfriends that are now collectively spoken about with their boyfriend or fiance, the weddings that are fast approaching, the … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Brown Barley

Chapter: Cereals – Recipe: Brown Barley Oh, Marion. She so crazy. Before browsing through this book, I would have never attempted, or even thought of barley for breakfast. My inital reaction was “Really? Isn’t it kind of like farro?” But, it’s in the book, there must be something breakfasty about it. And let me be … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Bran Muffins – A VIDEO!

Chapter 3: Quick Breads – Recipe: Bran Muffins When I was in college, my friends and I were obsessed with Mimi’s Cafe bran muffins. Mimi’s for those of you who don’t know is a super kitschy chain restaurant whose food is nothing to write home about, but whose bran muffins, on the other hand, are … Continue reading

Tomato Jam BLT

So at this point I hope you all are familiar with my ‘cook the book’ project. As I mentioned in this post, I met my SF food blogger friends through a variety of events, one of which was an evening with Michael Natkin to celebrate his new book Herbivoracious. Michael is a vegetarian food blogger … Continue reading

Cook the Book: JB’s French Toast

Chapter 2: Toasts, French Toasts, and Breakfast Sandwiches – Recipe: J.B.’s French Toast With a name like James Beard associated with this French toast, how could I not try it? While this chapter is chock full of random things, like sausage and applesauce toast, Welsh Rabbit and strawberry sandwiches, I do love French toast and … Continue reading