I’ve Moved!

Helo Hello! A quick update to tell you about some new life updates – I’ve moved! Both physically AND digitally.

I physically moved to Denver from San Francisco, just about a month ago. A job opportunity came up that I just couldn’t say no to. I had an amazing seven year run in SF, and if you’ve been reading for a while you know that I’ve done more than my fair share to explore the city – as evidenced here, here and here.

I’m so excited to be in a new place, that offers a ton of new experiences and places to explore. I don’t know what the future hold in terms of my ‘forever’ place, but for now I’m excited about the change.

With the physical move is also a desire to start producing in a new digital space. I feel like new city = new blog. Again, if you’ve been reading for a while, you know my participation in The Bon Appetit Diaries has dwindled over the past couple of years. A combination of things in my life becoming more involved, the fact that there are SO many food blogs out there and I was having a hard time finding the place and purpose of mine, as well as the fact that I do do quite a bit more the just food!

So what I’ve created is Navigating Saturdays. A new blog with a new purpose – to chronicle my personal adventures for those who are interested in reading. It’ll be a combination of Denver, arts & crafts, weekend trips, international trips, as well as of course, food. I’m so excited to be reinvigorated to be creative and share it with you all.

I hope that you’ll follow me over! You can follow by email by signing up to receive emails on my about page here. Unfortunately, while I was able to carry over all my posts and pages from The Bon Appetit Diaries, I can copy over followers! So you’ll have to do it on your own :-)

I can’t wait to see you there!


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