Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Thanksgiving?

I know it. You know it. I’ve been a bad blogger…

I missed the past two cook the book posts. I haven’t posted about food in over a month. And if I’m really honest with you, I haven’t even been cooking that much. Life’s been busy and some exciting things have been going on. Namely my birthday, lots of dates – with the same person :) AND Thanksgiving. I must say that while I have been a little lazy with the food, Thanksgiving and the holidays are the seasons that make me want to get back in the kitchen! The days are shorter and colder and gatherings based on food abound, bringing loads of inspiration and the desire to cook up a storm.

I was a little hesitant about Thanksgiving this year. My sister recently went gluten/dairy/egg free – not to be trendy, but because she discovered she actually has massive allergies. Like eat a piece of bread and break out in hives kind of allergies. So it was a must have that the meal be edible by the whole family! I found a couple of enticing recipes in the November issue of Bon Appétit that I thought would be easily adaptable to this years restrictions, and it all came out shockingly well.

Cornbread, sausage, pecan stuffing and mini pommes anna in lieu of mashed potatoes were the two converted hits. I know, a little sacrilegious not to have mashed potatoes, but we did have mashed sweet potatoes so the meal’s combinations of textures and flavors were immensely satisfying. I substituted 1/2 olive oil, 1/2 margarine for wherever butter was called for, and used a gluten free cornbread recipe. Yum yum yum. The breakfast sausage in the stuffing added a sweetness and loaded the cornbread with flavor. And the mini pommes anna were crispy on the outside, imbued with thyme and perfectly tender on the inside. I hope you have a chance to try these out the rest of your holiday season – I highly recommend both, gluten/dairy/egg restrictions or not.

fall colors at my parents house

birthday flowers

this happened at the SF Zoo, and yes, the antlers are backwards…

Cornbread, Sausage, Pecan Stuffing here – Use 1/4cup olive oil and 1/4 cup margarine instead of the 3/4 cups butter, and use 2 loaves of the below gluten free cornbread

Gluten Free Cornbread here – use brown rice flour and almond milk, bake in a 9×9 inch pan.

Mini Herbed Pommes Anna here – sub 1 part olive oil and 1 part margarine for the butter.

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