Apfelkuchen a.k.a. Apple Cake

At this point it should come as no surprise that I ended my European holiday in Stuttgart. After my au pair year, I have friends to catch up with, old haunts to visit and nostalgic food to gorge on. It was a great end to the trip and felt so much like home that I … Continue reading

Europe 2012: J’aime Paris

Paris, how I love you… The very first place I ever went in Europe was Paris. My parents took my sister and I on a two-week European vacation back in 1994? 1996? No matter… We spent a week in Paris staying in an apartment on the Îls Saint-Louis, and a week in London. In Paris, … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Baked Apples

When I was in second grade I did a report on New Zealand. I wrote the consulate for information on its country and got a whole packet of documents in response. Now, 20+ years later, what do I remember? Only that I made baked apples (with a recipe from the consulate’s packet) for an international … Continue reading

Europe 2012: Belgium

Every time I go back to Europe I try to do something or go someplace new. After living in Germany and traveling pretty well for a year, I’ve checked most major cities and sights off my list, but feel like it’s a waste to go all that way and not try to see something special … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Shirred Eggs

Chapter: Eggs – Recipe: Shirred Eggs I’m sad to be back from vacation. When I go away there is no ‘I’m ready to come home moment’ no thought upon return other than it feels good to be off a plane and sleeping in a comfortable bed. It’s especially easy to think I can travel forever … Continue reading