Europe 2012: London Calling

  I studied in London spring quarter 2004 and hadn’t returned since. It was a round trip point for my entire trip and man, if felt good to be back. I had forgotten just how busy and crowded the city is, fully of vibrant energy and charm. It was a bit overwhelming in the really … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Peach Dutch Baby

Chapter: Griddling – Recipe: Baked German Pancake (or Dutch Babies) So many things colliding in this Breakfast Book post 1. I’ve always wanted to try cooking a Dutch Baby 2. I’m in Europe for this post 3. I lived in Germany, so fancy that, they are called German Pancakes in Marion’s book (and Dutch Babies … Continue reading

Europe 2012: England

I lugged my computer all this way, so I’m figuring I’d better make the most of it and post something to the blog. The first week of my trip has been fabulous! I am currently spending my last night in Belgium, a country that has been unexpectedly delightful, but I started my trip in grand … Continue reading

Plum Tart

Well folks, today’s the day. I’m taking of for two very long weeks in Europe! My itinerary includes England, Belgium, Paris and Stuttgart. I can’t wait to romp around my favorite cities in the world and visit with friends I haven’t seen in years. I’ve had the wonderful fortune to live abroad a couple of … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Dewey Buns

Chapter: Doughnuts and Fritters – Recipe: Dewey Buns These are by far the best thing I’ve yet made out of Marion’s book. The only description about these delights is “Dewey Buns are plump squares of light dough filled with vanilla cream. A Dewey Bun business could make someone rich.” With a description like that, how … Continue reading