Cook the Book: Bran Muffins – A VIDEO!

Chapter 3: Quick Breads – Recipe: Bran Muffins

When I was in college, my friends and I were obsessed with Mimi’s Cafe bran muffins. Mimi’s for those of you who don’t know is a super kitschy chain restaurant whose food is nothing to write home about, but whose bran muffins, on the other hand, are to die for. They are huge, light, and soaked with a honey syrup on the bottom. They are served warm with a whipped butter that melts all over and balances out the sweetness in the muffin.

Given these very fond memories, I had always wanted to attempt bran muffins at home, so this chapter and Marion’s recipe were the perfect start. They aren’t quite like Mimi’s but they are still great. These are dense and slightly molasses-y without being too sweet. I substituted currents and cranberries instead of the 1 cup raisins, and served with a whipped honey butter, which absolutely made the dish. Simply whip a stick of butter and add honey to taste – probably a couple of tablespoons.

Also, because I am slightly obsessed with developing my new-found video skills, I am happy to present this recipe to you as my second ever video:

As this is part of our ‘Cook the Book’ series, don’t forget to check out the other quick bread chapter recipes here:

3 Responses to “Cook the Book: Bran Muffins – A VIDEO!”
  1. Aimee G says:

    I am so impressed with your video recipe Emily!!! It’s awesome and makes me want to come over to yours and watch you bake :)

  2. Billie Jean says:

    They look so good I think I can smell them from here! Great video, Great song! You rock Em!

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