The Redwoods – The Light & The Video

The second morning of our road trip, we landed in Ladybird Johnson Redwood grove, what was absolutely stunning. The sun lit fog through the trees, and as the fog rolled in and out there were no two shots the same. Every moment was fleeting and oh so gorgeous. And because video makes everything come to … Continue reading

The Redwoods

Last weekend I took a mini road trip vacation with my parents up the coast of Northern California and up into Oregon. We trekked the entire way on Hwy 101, which winds along the coast, in and out of various climates and environments, and is peppered with stunning views, massive trees and immaculate details. I … Continue reading

Cook the Book: Brown Barley

Chapter: Cereals – Recipe: Brown Barley Oh, Marion. She so crazy. Before browsing through this book, I would have never attempted, or even thought of barley for breakfast. My inital reaction was “Really? Isn’t it kind of like farro?” But, it’s in the book, there must be something breakfasty about it. And let me be … Continue reading

Pimm’s Cup Picnic – A VIDEO!

Well, it’s official – I’m OBSESSED with making videos. It’s just so fun! Shooting everything. Finding the right music. It’s one of the best creative outlets I’ve found in a while. Next up for you, the second of my summer cocktail videos. A Pimm’s Cup was the first thing I knew I wanted to serve … Continue reading

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

I’ve wanted to try making stuffed squash blossoms for a while now. I picked some up at the farmers market last year, but didn’t quite get around to fixing them up, not to mention I was slightly intimidated by the thought of deep-frying them. I saw them again this year and thought I’d give it … Continue reading