Chilled Corn Soup

The most amazing gazpacho I’ve ever had was in Spain. I stayed with a friend of a friend when I visited the country for a week during my au pair year. One of her colleagues made this amazing cold, tomato soup thickened with bread for lunch, with simple seasonings, which really letting the tomato shine through. Other than that one experience, I haven’t ordered or attempted gazpacho. There’s something about cold soup that kind of turns me off. For some reason I don’t really get an iced coffee kick out of it, more like a ‘my cold coffee went cold’ sort of irking.

That said, I was really intrigued by this chilled corn soup recipe I found on Gourmet. I love love love summer corn. Corn on the cob, uncooked in salads, creamed. You name it, I pretty much love it. I was compelled by the fact that this soup only had 5 ingredients (including water) and utterly shocked at the result. It was luscious and creamy; so creamy. I really couldn’t believe that simmering corn and blending it would yield a thick soup, full of one of summer’s best flavors.

I hope you have a chance to try it. Next time I might add a bit of jalapeno or other heat in the to balance out the sweetness, but I promise with or without that heat, you will not miss the temperature heat in this chilled soup.

Recipe here

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