Vote For My Kitchen!

Hello Dear Readers! The Kitchn is doing their annual Small Cool Kitchen Contest and MY kitchen made the contest. I need your help and would absolutely LOVE to have your vote! I could potentially win a bunch of cool kitchen things and… Cool kitchen things = more interesting posts for you to read! They just … Continue reading

Tomato Jam BLT

So at this point I hope you all are familiar with my ‘cook the book’ project. As I mentioned in this post, I met my SF food blogger friends through a variety of events, one of which was an evening with Michael Natkin to celebrate his new book Herbivoracious. Michael is a vegetarian food blogger … Continue reading

Chilled Corn Soup

The most amazing gazpacho I’ve ever had was in Spain. I stayed with a friend of a friend when I visited the country for a week during my au pair year. One of her colleagues made this amazing cold, tomato soup thickened with bread for lunch, with simple seasonings, which really letting the tomato shine … Continue reading

Grapefruit Radler – A VIDEO!

Remember how I had an amazing cocktail party for my last birthday? You may not because I was having too much fun to take any photos during it, but I did post the tasty cocktails from around the world, here. I find it slightly amusing that three of the four were summer cocktails given that my … Continue reading

Cook the Book: JB’s French Toast

Chapter 2: Toasts, French Toasts, and Breakfast Sandwiches – Recipe: J.B.’s French Toast With a name like James Beard associated with this French toast, how could I not try it? While this chapter is chock full of random things, like sausage and applesauce toast, Welsh Rabbit and strawberry sandwiches, I do love French toast and … Continue reading