Mother’s Day: Clotted Cream & Tea Box Gift

There’s no more traditional Mother’s Day celebration than a tea. I don’t know how or why this has become a loved tradition, but this year, I wanted to try some new things to make a special tea, fit for a King – love how my last name lends itself to jokes sometimes ;) It included … Continue reading

Farro Risotto & A Cookbook Review

A while back I went to a food blogger meet up coordinated by America’s Test Kitchen – you know them for their informative TV show and magazine, Cook’s Illustrated. It was great fun to meet up with other SF food bloggers as well as some food industry peeps. And it was also really fun that … Continue reading

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

There are some days where I just can’t leave good enough alone. Just home made pulled pork would have been good enough. Store bought buns probably would have been good enough. Best Foods mayo would have been good enough. And certainly, prepared BBQ sauce would have been good enough. But is ‘good enough’ the best? … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

My ‘little’ sister turns 26 today. I guess that makes her not so little, nor does her 5’9″ stature. She’s actually the short one of the family, believe it or not – you wouldn’t know by a blog that I am 6’1″ and both my parents stand around 6′ tall. While we are both relatively … Continue reading

Coconut Poached Salmon

Something amazing happened last week. I didn’t buy lunch (and only dinner once) at all! Aren’t you proud of me?!?! I am. It’s quite a feat between my social calendar, general laziness on a work night, sometimes it a struggle to find the time to bring or make food. I have a couple of weekend … Continue reading