Sweet Potato Bread

So often I feel like I am bad about letting things go to waste. On occasion there are things in my CSA box that I just don’t manage to squeeze in, or I make too much for one person and have to toss things that aren’t consumed in time (or more likely, I chuck out … Continue reading

Easter Tree & A Strata

I had never heard of an Easter tree until I moved to Germany. I think it may be a tradition for some here, but for me growing up Easter was all about Easter baskets, egg hunts, matching dresses with my sister and a few family get-togethers. However, when we grew out of the candy and … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day: Guinness Chocolate Cake

Oh well, hello, St. Patrick’s Day. We meet again. I’m had some interesting times celebrating this day of Guinness, green and all things Irish. I went on a really awkward date one year, like where he was 20 min late and there were some language barriers. I went to a piano bar one year, those … Continue reading

Salmon in Bengali Sauce

So I’ve never actually heard of ‘Bengali sauce’, but when Elle published this recipe in their March 2012 issue it struck my ‘cook more international foods this year’ chord and I was anxious to try it. And while I don’t normally turn to Elle for recipes, this was part of an article about a party … Continue reading

Simple Supper: Endive & Apple Salad

There are some nights when I’m just not that hungry and don’t feel like making a big deal about dinner. It’s just me, It doesn’t always need to be fancy. A salad is perfect on these kind of nights, and the other evening I made a simple yet tasty salad that was worth a quick … Continue reading