Game Day: Pickled Radishes

The Super Bowl is this weekend! I know that you are awaiting a brilliant ideas about how to spice up the usual game day dogs, so I’m here to share with you a success story. These pickled radishes are a great toping for what I can imagine to be almost any meat+bread combo – hot … Continue reading

Amazing Everyday Pancakes

I say these are amazing EVERYday pancakes, because unlike some fancier recipes, you will have all these ingredients in your kitchen on any given morning (or evening, I am a HUGE fan of breakfast for dinner). There is no buttermilk, no ricotta, no citrus – simply flour, milk, butter, eggs, sugar, baking soda – and … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Heart Rice Krispies Treats

I have to admit that I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day, but I do love a ‘holiday’ with an excuse to make festive treats. I have a whole set of heart cookie cutters from a few years back, but rather than make standard sugar cookies, I made pink heart Rice Kristpies Treats! They are so … Continue reading

Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli with Mushroom Brown Butter

Finding a cooking companion is kind of like finding a good traveling partner. It’s best if you have a similar level of expertise, a mutual vision of your end result (and are willing to make little compromises along the way) and ideally have a comfort level with one another such that you can do a … Continue reading

Very Cute 2012 Calendar

I took a walk through the Mission a couple weekends ago and came across this adorable calendar. I ended up ordering it directly from the graphic design studio, Young America Creative, and wanted to share it with you all. Isn’t it cute?? There is a page per month, each with a lovely seasonal design and … Continue reading