Christmas & Cardamom Crescent Cookies

I know it’s only December 2, but I’ve had Christmas set up in my house for 5 days now. It’s one of my favorite times of year and I’ve been collecting for this holiday for a few years now – every year since I’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve allowed myself to buy a couple of ornaments in preparation and this year it all came together on my first very own Christmas tree, and it’s SO cute!

I still love my apartment as much as when I first moved in February – here it is ready for the season

When I was growing up we used to cut down our own Christmas tree, and in the past few years I went with my roommates. This year however, I was lucky to find a relatively big one that I could carry myself at Home Depot, and let me tell you if I hadn’t tried to pick it up while choosing this would have been a whole other post. But still, the event was not without some drama… My first christmas tree stand was too small, so I had to buy another one AND a hobby hacksaw, just in case. Good thing too because I spent the next hour on my hands and knees in my SF living room sawing off nubs and the one branch Home Depot missed. But alas, I was successful, the stand fit, the tree was up, I managed to even straighten it and make it stand all by myself! Whew!

Decorating essentials, from top left: German wooden Christmas decoration, new ornaments for this year, hobby hacksaw (just in case), Christmas tree stand, passed down family ornaments, little white lights

The end result is a fabulous, simple combination of lights and ornaments that are meaningful to me with an aesthetic that is everything I love:

In a fit of holiday cheer, I spent Sunday listening to Christmas songs, trimming my tree and baking cookies. These Cardamom Crescents reminded me of some of the German Christmas cookies I had when I lived there and I had to try them. They are made with a base of pecans, are mildly spiced with cardamom and cinnamon, and finished with a roll in powdered sugar while they ear still warm. These cookies are so simple and are spiced like the holidays – oh so festive. They aren’t too sweet and remind me of Mexican Wedding Cookies, which I also love. They are a little dry on purpose which means they’d be lovely with your favorite warm holiday beverage (or cocktail!).

Recipe here

4 Responses to “Christmas & Cardamom Crescent Cookies”
  1. Billie King says:

    Hi Sweetie! Another great post, but I don’t see the pictures, what’s girl to do! Oh and I’m gonna make those cookies, yes I am:)

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