Going Granola

Sooo… for a while now I’ve been wanting to make my own granola. There are plenty that I like out there, but it also seemed relatively easy to make and I’d been itching to do so. Berkeley Bowl inspired me with their plethora of bulk goods and I finally took a stab at it once I had fresh pumpkin seeds (left over from this preparation) ready for some roasting. I contemplated just roasting and snacking on the seeds, but I REALLY wanted to make granola and since I only had enough to do one, granola won.

To be honest, I debated if I should share this granola adventure with you because it didn’t come out perfect. But then I remembered that cooking IS an adventure, we don’t always make things right, and that’s ok! So I’ll tell you what I like and what didn’t really work, and we’ll use it as a little ‘learning together’ moment – ok?

I came across two inspiration recipes and did my best to combine them, let’s do some analysis:

Common in BOTH recipes:

  • rolled oats, not quick cooking
  • honey
  • oil
  • nuts
  • coconut
  • dried fruit
  • cinnamon
Distinctions: Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Granola, recipe: here
  • raw pumpkin seeds, whole
  • wheat bran, germ and oat bran
  • sesame and sunflower seeds
  • maple syrup
  • cook at 250 degrees for ~1.5 hrs
Distinctions: Pepita Granola, recipe: here
  • rea pumpkin seeds, hulled
  • brown sugar
  • way more dried fruit
  • cook at 375 degrees for ~30 min
Now, let’s work through the major differences: maple syrup vs. brown sugar, 250 vs. 350 degrees.
I ended up making granola with the common ingredients mentioned, but then I added wheat bran/germ and brown sugar cooked, cooked at 375. What happened is that with the bran/germ and no extra liquid (maple syrup) they didn’t really stick to anything and it’s really flakey. Plus with my old oven, it’s slightly overcooked.
Bright side is; however, that the flavors are great! I’ve been enjoying it as a snack by itself, mixed with other cereals in milk, or on greek yogurt with some honey and fruit. I like the brown sugar, my whole pumpkin seeds, the dried cranberries and apricots and the crunchy walnuts and pecans left over from previous recipes. I basically added things that I had in my pantry already, which is really the luxury of making your own granola. So some good lessons learned and new things to try next time, but overall not too shabby a start in going granola.
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