Little Luxuries

I love getting/having flowers, though I can count on one hand the number of times I have received them from others: 2 dates, 1 boyfriend, 1 very very nice friend, 1 mother. I think they are a kind of lost gesture, and it makes me smile whenever I see somone (ok, let’s be honest, a man) on the street, in an airport, wherever with a bouquet or even a single flower in hand, knowing that someone special is about to get them. I find flowers to be extremely thoughtful and most touching when least expected.

I don’t buy them terribly often for myself, they are a little luxury that I save for special occasions or to brighten my day when I’m feeling down. While I wasn’t feeling down this weekend, I did spring for a bunch of dahlias at the farmer’s market today. I just couldn’t say no to these deep fall burgundies two visits in a row, that are now oh so lovely sitting on my kitchen table – I just had to share.

Some tips for selecting a good bouquet:

  • Make sure you get some buds that aren’t quite open so your bouquet looks good now and in a few days
  • Cut the stems at a diagonal right before you put them in water – gives a bigger surface area to absorb water, as well as a fresh receptacle
  • Mix different sized/colored blooms in the vase, so you don’t have the same flowers sitting next to each other

One Response to “Little Luxuries”
  1. nicola says:

    I love flowers too!
    I never say no to buying myself some *but* Jow does buy me them every now and again too :)

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