Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

I have a secret to share with you… Up until last Saturday, I hadn’t cooked anything in a month. I know, I know, how could I have let this happen?? Well, it was a combination of dates, pre-travel I-don’t-want-to-buy-anything-because-I’m-leaving, during travel I’m-not-cooking-because-I’m-on-vacation, post travel laziness and a new-found fondness for ordering in after being in … Continue reading

NYC: Prune + Blood, Bones & Butter

When I played field hockey in high school, we had a t-shirt that said ‘luck is when preparation meets opportunity’. I still think about this sometimes today because while some people are just ‘lucky’ the majority of us have to work for what we want and make sure to go after it when it comes … Continue reading

NYC: Smorgasburg

In the ever-increasing world of technology, travel and communication there are bound to be little coincidences along the way. Many times good, say walking by a bar in New York that is mentioned on the first page of the book you happen to be reading at the time (yes, this happened to me) and sometimes … Continue reading

NYC: Shake Shack

New York City… So much to do and see on a relatively small island . For some it’s about the museums, others are there for the night life, many are there for the cultural wonders. For me it was more about being there for an extended time period without an agenda, having friends to visit, … Continue reading

another shout out from ‘the’ bon appétit

A whole slew of things has happened in the past 2 weeks. First and foremost and extensive trip to NYC! Using Labor Day and work flexibility I was able to be in NYC for two whole weekends and only had to take one personal day, amazing! Of course there were many food adventures, which I … Continue reading