salmon en papillote

I am no Iron Chef, but I sure as heck can take inspiration from them. In an episode this week the secret ingredient was some sort of fish (terrible that I can’t actually remember) and one of the techniques employed was cooking the fish en papillote, or if you’re a non-French speaker like me, fish … Continue reading

Sweet and Spicy – Corn Gets a Kick

I’ve been a little lazy with my cooking lately. Well… maybe more like lazy with the creative cooking/blogging… I actually had a really good run last week of bringing my lunch, super tasty salmon and roasted potatoes with rosemary, and making dinner, just eggs, grilled cheese and pasta – you know, the normal stuff. So … Continue reading


I tried a new restaurant last weekend and was absolutely charmed at the end of my meal when the bill came with this darling little pig paperclip! Contigo is a modern Spanish restaurant in Noe Valley with room for about 30 on the heated back patio, and while it was a blustery evening, we sat … Continue reading

You CAN Do It! – part I

Canning is by no means a new concept. In fact, it dates back to the early 1800’s when it was invented as a means of preserving foods by the French military. And apparently, the only items you can can with a boiling water bath are fruits and pickles because of their high acid/low pH- if … Continue reading


I finally went to Tartine! After hearing about it for so long, and experiencing the morning bun and almond croissant from my office (a most gracious co-worker picked them up for our team one morning), I was ready to try the bakery for myself. popular spot on a Sunday morning I convinced my friend it … Continue reading