shout out from ‘the’ bon appetit

I look at the stats of my blog pretty regularly. I like to see how many people are checking it out and where exactly they are hearing about it. I always assume it’s just friends and family who are trying to be supportive, so imagine my surprise when I saw referring sites coming from this weekend. Yes, the official site of the magazine that inspired the creation of my blog!

Ends up that their blog covers popular recipes from the magazine that have been written about by other food bloggers – they gather the posts they like and publish a photo, link, and quote from each blog for readers to check out. Anyhow, it was pretty exciting for me as it’s the first piece of recognition that I have readers beyond my friends and family… not to mention, I didn’t even submit my blog for review.

above: their mention of my blog

In reading the other posts about the Olive Oil Cake with Candied Orange recipe it was great to compare notes and preparations and it was enlightening to see how other cooks approach their blogs and alter their recipes. I hope you’ll check it out and see what everyone else is saying – here’s the link.

And thanks to bon appetit for including my blog!


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