Peaches with Goat Cheese and Prosciutto

My friend Beth had me over for a lovely impromptu dinner last night. She asked me to bring an appetizer and I immediately thought of cheese because of a recent trip to the SF Ferry Building (one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco). My co-worker and I took a lunch break there on Thursday so she could buy cheese and bread for her own dinner party. The cheeses we tasted were great, not to mention the people at Cowgirl Creamery are extremely helpful and are willing work with you until you get what I want. I couldn’t wait to go back and try it for myself.

When my number was called, I simply told the gal that I wanted a creamy goat cheese that would pair well with fruit, specifically peaches, and voila! She cuts open a fresh round for me, give me a sample and it was amazing – and on the first try too. It was super creamy, slightly sweet, and just a touch tangy. I also like that this shop has cheeses from all over. It’s not just Cowgirl classics like Mt. Tam, but a worldly selection to help you choose the best possible cheese for your liking.

Off to Farm Fresh product for some peaches and prosciutto (because Boccalone was closed!). And I had my fresh summer app ready to go in a matter of minutes and a short walk from the office.

I have now had this appetizer a couple of times, which were the inspiration. Version 1: pears + herbed goat + prosciutto. Version 2: peaches + plain goat + prosciutto + honey. Seeing as that we’re in the dead of summer, I went a little closer to version 2 sans honey b/c it’s a little more difficult to travel with.

amazing Hyku Goat cheese

Pit the fruit and cut into manageable pieces, I liked the smaller slices. Put  a bit of goat cheese in the middle. Wrap with a thin piece of prosciutto. End result: a sweet/savory/slightly tangy appetizer that is so seasonally appropriate!



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