Rainbow Carrot Salad

Berkeley Bowl is quite simply amazing – it’s like the farmer’s market every day. Tons of gorgeous, delicious fruits and veggies, along with a fabulous assortment of bulk dry goods and as local and organic as you can get in a grocery store. The icing on the cake – it’s cheap!

I picked up these carrots during my trip on Saturday and finally brought to life a vision I’ve had for a while now – a salad of rainbow carrots ribbons…

I started by peeling off the outer skin and just kept on peeling to create my ribbons. I tossed them with a home made dressing of white wine vinegar, mayo, roasted garlic and tarragon… While it was good, I kind of wished I’d simply put a little olive oil and aged balsamic on it. Though you have to admit that it’s beautiful, no matter the dressing.
One Response to “Rainbow Carrot Salad”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >Love that Berkeley Bowl! I love being a tourist in that store. The quality and variety of goods in incredible. I am always glad that I have driven to California when I visit, then I can load up my cooler to take home. The salad is an excellent idea.

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