voilà an omelette

From underwhelming to just right – I’m going to write about breakfast. Again. Eggs are amazing and I’ve been eating them a lot lately. Scrambles and egg sandwiches for dinner, breakfast burritos… You name it I’ve been eating it. Typically after a night out all I can muster is a simple scramble the next morning, … Continue reading

too minty for me

I just received the May issue of BA and realized that I haven’t written about anything from April yet! The reason being twofold – 1) I never received the April issue, some confusion with my new address 2) The recipe I made was pretty underwhelming. Nevertheless, I will tell you about it because cooking is … Continue reading

pretty pasta

It’s amazing what three little ingredients can do. Along with the carrot find at Berkeley Bowl, I also picked up some asparagus, kielbasa sausages, and fresh house made red pepper pasta. I’ve never made fresh pasta, nor had I really bought it, so I was pretty excited to give this a try. I sauteed the … Continue reading

Rainbow Carrot Salad

Berkeley Bowl is quite simply amazing – it’s like the farmer’s market every day. Tons of gorgeous, delicious fruits and veggies, along with a fabulous assortment of bulk dry goods and as local and organic as you can get in a grocery store. The icing on the cake – it’s cheap! I picked up these … Continue reading

Brown Sugar Bacon

Brown Sugar Bacon – need I say more? Dinner club this month turned into brunch and I immediately though of what an amazing excuse it was to try this bacon. I borrowed the recipe from Gina Neely on the Food Network, and impressed everyone at brunch. We all LOVED it and you MUST try it. … Continue reading