No More Blue Box Blues

I love boxed mac and cheese as much as the next gal – despite the supremely fake orange color, the powder cheese mix, and 12 months shelf life there’s something nostalgic and tasty about it. That said, this is a childhood treat due for an upgrade and is worth the effort to elevate! This month … Continue reading

Let Nature Inspire

Dinner club was Sunday and it was my turn for salad again… May not sound too exciting, but with a dish that’s mainly all veggies, I thought it a great opportunity to utilize the farmer’s market. Off to to the market I went and found some fresh greens and blood oranges. I was really excited … Continue reading

simple sweet treat

Here’s the tart – finally! It’s more of a crisp, really, but a winning combination no matter what you call it. I learned this quick and easy recipe from a friend in Canada. We had gone apple picking in Quebec and she put this together with the fresh apples. While she cooked hers in a … Continue reading