best-ever brownies

I’m about to get the March issue of Bon Appetit any day now and realized I still hadn’t made anything from Feb! So my rainy Saturday turned into a lovely cook day – first up the cover story brownies:

I don’t usually make brownies from scratch, I think the box does just fine in most cases, but these are truly amazing and worth the extra effort! The cover boasts ‘best-ever brownies’ and they just might be right…
The key is that you melt a ton of butter (fat is flavor, folks, don’t be shy) and let it get toasty. The rest of the ingredients get added straight to the sauce pan you melt the butter in and it really is just that easy. Aside from the walnuts, the butter contributes to batter’s nutty, almost savory profile – they’re rich and fudgy and despite the generous amount of sugar are not painfully sweet. These chocolate squares of love definitely require a milk chaser and are the perfect way to soothe your soul on a rainy day.
my version of ‘the best brownie ever’
Fun fact: the recipe says you get a crisp, shiny top, which is actually kind of like a meringue! I learned this from reading Bakewise a while back. It said if you beat the eggs too much in brownies or cookies you can end up with that meringue-like top layer. This recipe did indeed instruct me to ‘vigorously’ beat in each egg. Interesting, no?
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